Who We Are

Lidia Sandra Principal We have an outstanding faculty that fosters intellectual rigor and independent and critical thinking. Our school is characterized by high standards, collegiality and a strong sense of community. I Gede Saman Primary Headmaster “Arriving at CH, it was clear that there is a history of excellence in the resources, plans and procedures help you find your way through the curriculum. School is very dynamic and open to changes, new teachers can bring their own knowledge and are welcome to make an impact on the school from day one. Through it all, high expectations push everyone here to do the best.” Andre Hilman HR Department Head CH teachers are talented, highly qualified, committed to the intellectual, social and ethical development of students and eager to contribute to school and educational life beyond the classroom. CH values candidates who have experience with students from diverse backgrounds, whose pursuit of professional development is keen and ongoing, and whose academic background and teaching experience are directly relevant to the position. Juwaria Muqtadir Advance Headmistress “The professional development opportunities at CH are incredible. If you’d have told me before I started teaching here that I’d have a chance to both attend and present at conferences in destinations as diverse as Jakarta, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. CH is definitely the place to come if you are looking for high quality professional development.”