Juwaria Muqtadir Master of Management (2015) It is more than wonderful. Inexpressible. CH gives you more that what you can think of. I Wayan Restika Air Conditioner
Technician Programme, BLK, Bali
I can't believe how awesome this opportunity is and how much time I saved with it!
Dyah Andiani Master of Indonesian Language Education (2016),
It's been a long time I have waited for this opportunity. CH made it come true.
Merry Asih English Education (2014),
Sarasvati University, Bali
Young people with many experiences are common. CH molds me to be a young with AMAZING experiences.

In addition to a highly competitive salary, we offer a number of excellent benefits:

  • Private pension (5 percent contribution from employee, 10 percent from the school)

  • Private medical insurance

  • Financial assistance to travel home every two years (if your country of domicile is outside Bali)

  • Generous budget for professional development and many opportunities on and off campus

  • Subsidized daily lunch

  • Life insurance

  • Income replacement insurance for prolonged absence due to accident or sickness

  • Down-payment assistance for property purchase (after seven years’ employment)

  • Sabbatical leaves per year

  • Use of school fitness center

  • Free initiation and registration fee for the dependants

  • Opportunities to travel in Indonesia and farther afield through participation in school activities.

CH is committed to supporting and encouraging ongoing learning by its team. In addition to a personal professional development allowance, the school devotes a generous percentage of its budget, more than 100 millions per year to team learning. We have a robust program of CH teachers mentoring and teaching each other, observing practice, and working together across the school to improve student learning. Our location in Bali provides easy access to courses and conferences in Indonesia. The school also provides funding for summer study and sabbaticals. Recently, CH teachers have attended summer courses at Gadjah Mada University in Jogjakarta, Krida Wacana Christian University in Jakarta, Certified School Manager’s program in Bali and Jakarta.