Karya: Fiory
Ilustrasi: Naufal, Nadia & Alvina

So, um, I joined the orientation from around 6-10 July, so it’s been around one and a quarter month and well, stuff happened (well, duh). After year 6 graduation, three of us didn’t join CI so yeah, I started to miss them a lot. And the fact that I won’t be able to meet one of my bestie is so sad, but yeah, can’t change that.

During the orientation, everybody was so QUIET and AWKWARD. Which is so different from year 6 2014/15 since everyone there was NOISY and CRAZY. There were five new students during the orientation, it was aaaawwwkkwaaarddd. 

But during the first week of the official start of the school, it got better. Second week wayyy better than the orientation week and there are two new students. Week by week it started to get more like year 6, people got more annoying, crazy and noisy, so it was good I guess.

And it seems like, each one of us who locked our personalities is starting to open up, it’s great. But of course, we have to learn everyday, and it was more quiet than year 6, but, every class is different. I’ll miss year 6, all the memories and such, but I’m sure year 7 would be a great start for new memories and experience. So yeah, I’m glad being in the CI family and I’m looking forward for new experiences.

Carissa Fiory Ardiani