Pricing Scheme
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Fees Description


Registration fee is required to secure a seat at the school, this fee is to be paid once every level of education. This payment includes 2 days of trial for preschool or entrance test for primary and above.


Initiation fee is used for the school’s building and facilities development. It must be paid upon the receipt of the acceptance letter for new students. Please note that this fee is to be paid every level of education entrance.


The matriculation fee is applicable for primary level and above. This fee is used for the introduction program of CH ways of learning for new students. This fee is to be paid once only.


The yearly fee is applicable for preschool level only. This payment covers child insurance (for any accidents that may happen at school), festivities, field trip and excursions, stationaries and worksheets, replenishment of materials, maintenance, and weekly meals for the children.


Uniform fee covers all uniforms which will be worn by the student. Any additional uniforms needed at a later time can be bought separately through CH Mart.


Book fee covers all textbooks and workbooks to be used by the student throughout the year. This fee is to be paid a term before the new academic year starts, to guarantee a smooth order of books for the upcoming academic year.


Tuition fee is used for the operational costs of the school including teaching equipment, facilitators and staff salaries, and other administrative costs. This payment is to be paid monthly (12x), semesterly (2x) or yearly (1x). There will be no tuition deduction due to any holidays, and on any absence (for whatever reason).


The fees that are not included in the structure are :

  1. Graduation
  2. Extra Lessons (Rumah Belajar / Eye Level)
  3. School Meal
  4. CH Transport
  5. Acceleration
  6. International Examination
  7. And other clauses are written in the CH Handbook