At the heart of CH’s education is the eagerness to discover solutions to real-world problems.

At the earliest stages of education, we introduce our children to the world around us, navigating them and helping them recognize and understand how they can contribute. As become more equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skills, we introduce them to problems greater in size and complexity, guiding and supporting them as they construct solutions.


At CH, not only are students supported by professionals and scholars from a variety of fields, but also by facilities that give room for students to try, succeed, fail, and learn by doing.


Research from CH often addresses global problems, including but not limited to the social economy, culture, technology, health, and sustainability. By helping CH inventors connect with mentors, like-minded people, and funding, we help them translate knowledge into transformative innovations.

Collaborating Institutions

As collaboration is a crucial of innovation, we work together with research and development institutions around the world.


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