Karya: Nina
Ilustrasi: Kania

Once upon a time, only a few steps away from the Cendekia Harapan School building was the Cendekia Institut family. All 15 ‘teenagers’ were unique and interesting since they each have their own qualities! We have a dancer, a silent type, the weird one, the skater, the gamer, the humble one, the kind one, the sporty type, the duck lover, the ‘awesome’ one, the lele lover, the free runner, the girl who needs to go to an asylum, the friendly one, and the cute one. With everyone’s different personality, a lot and I mean a LOT of things happened which I won’t tell because it’s a secret~ Because we’re all different; quarrels, fights, teasings and bullying happens but when we are asked to create something together, we became a team who forgets the troubles in the past and focus on the present (and sometimes we discuss about the future).

Our ‘mothers’ was a science expert and an English expert. Meanwhile our ‘fathers’ was a musician (who sadly left) and a Math expert. I, as the author can’t say that this is a good or a bad class since I stayed here for only one and half months, but I can only say that this class is interesting. I want everyone to know my favourite quote: “Be strong enough to stand alone, be yourself enough to stand apart, but be wise enough to stand together when the time comes”