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We are where the locals fall in line to build a home to dethrone segregation and discrimination in quality education in Bali. Comprised of Preschool, Primary, Secondary, and Advanced, we are a home for facilitators, learners, and parents who were born with the spirit of reaching the goals set for outstanding achievements that lead to uninterrupted, unrestrained freedom.

With the philosophy that every child is unique and led by their inner teacher, we strive to cultivate independent and lifelong learners. With our prepared environment, an international curriculum that moulds global citizens and broadens opportunities, we provide quality education for all as verified by our accreditations both nationally and internationally.

Stages and Programs

We prepare you to discover, analyse, solve problems and innovate.  With resources that facilitate all your needs and through collaboration, together, we work shoulder to shoulder to tackle the global challenges, and birth innovations to fundamental questions raised by issues in our surroundings.

The CH family is comprised of students of four stages of learning. From the youngest ones in Preschool all the way up to their brothers and sisters in Advanced. Unrestrained by age nor the different classrooms, they all unite and become one by sharing the same values and frequent interactions with each other.

Yet within that unity lies the individuality of each child which moulds their uniqueness and potential. Acknowledging and embracing this, at CH, we can accommodate you through our personalized programs and the fast-track program.


Working towards an education unbound by space or time and one that accommodates to a child’s needs, CH provides four alternatives to learning modes:  Offline, Online, Blended, and Sekolahku. Each giving out a unique experience of learning.

To further support the learning process, CH has introduced PALS, a platform where parents and facilitators to collaborate, learn from each other, and continuously find ways to create the best learning environment for the children.

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