Courses Overview

Children’s House Preschool commits for an education that enable children to build a better world. With the core of Montessori curriculum, Children’s House develops custom subjects in addition to Literacy, Numeracy and Art.

In this subject, child learns skill set to be a leader, like planning and setting goals, setting a vision in life, prioritize things according to the importance. Child will also be empowered to be able to work in group, contribute the strength and to empower others too.This subject is closely related with communication skill subject.

Child learns four aspects of communication, i.e.: listening, reading, speaking and writing. This subject is an advanced step of Language Art where each aspect of communication is enhanced and enriched.

Creative writing gives a vast experience in reading and writing. Child will be a given a short text and asked to develop the text creatively by writings, drawings, and even presentations. This subject is aiming at pulling out original thoughts of each child into writing

In this subject, children were encouraged to give opinion along with strong arguments. Activities involve games and class discussions using the real and current cases to sharpen the analytical thinking.

Children explore their body, animals, plants, environments, mysteries in the nature through observation and experiments.

In this subject, children are invited to explore different parts of the world, the cultures, the richness and beauty of the different parts in the world.

All subjects are learnt interwovenly within the study hours in the mixed age classroom that encourage natural love of learning.


This extracurricular  develops children’s self-discipline and confidence. Students will learn traditional Balinese dance and modern Balinese Dance. Children will learn all the basic movements (Tandang and Tangkep) of traditional Balinese dance and explore various advance movements in Modern Balinese Dance.

This activity urges children’s reading and writing skill. Through reading and writing activities like making poem or short stories, the children’s skill in reading and writing is continuously developed. This extracurricular suits children who want to develop and practice their reading and writing skill. Structural activities in this extracurricular will help children to read and write better and faster. This read and write program is developed using Distar method, songs and games.

This extracurricular urges children’s imagination, creativity, and self-confidence through variety of art works such as drawing and coloring. This extracurricular is appropriate for children developing their imagination, discipline, confidence and creativity. Structural activities like the methods and techniques of drawing are exercised. This extracurricular is suitable for children who are interested in drawing and art works. Editing and manipulating lines, shapes and colors are activities done in this extracurricular.

This extracurricular urges children’s ability in speaking, reading and writing skills in Bahasa Indonesia through reading stories or making poems. This extracurricular is suitable for children who wants to develop and practice their Bahasa Indonesia skills. Structural activities using integrated method is applied in activities of this extracurricular.

This activity develops children’s confidence in telling story, reading and speaking. It is appropriate for children who want to develop and practice their confidence in reading story, story telling and speaking ability.