Courses Overview

Cendekia Harapan Advance commits to an education that enables students who need advanced study to develop independent study skills that universities value highly. With elective subjects from Oxford AQA’s International GCSE and International AS/A-Level Curriculum and compulsory subjects from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia (Bahasa, Agama, PKN/Civics & Social Science), CH Advance develops unique subjects, i.e. Life skills and Philosophy.

All Subjects

Mathematics – International GCSE
Mathematics – International AS/A-level
Physics – International GCSE
Physics – International AS/A-level
Chemistry – International GCSE
Chemistry – International AS/A-level
Biology – International GCSE
Biology – International AS/A-level
Combined Science – International GCSE


English Language – International GCSE
English Language – International AS/A-level
English Literature – International GCSE
English Literature – International AS/A-level
Business – International GCSE
Business – International AS/A-level
Computer Science – International GCSE
Information Technology – International Advanced Level
Geography – International GCSE
Geography – International AS/A-level
Economics – International AS/A-level

All subjects are centered with Problem Based Learning (PBL) Method. This method encourage students to learn through the experience of solving problems. The PBL process does not focus on problem solving with a defined solution, but it allows for the development of other desirable skills and attributes, like knowledge acquisition, enhanced group collaboration and communication.